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"Suzy has proved over and over to be a tremendously compassionate and knowledgeable individual. She has given me help and invaluable advice for my young son after the sudden death of my husband. She has given me light at the end of the tunnel when at times I couldn't see it for myself. There are times in our lives when we all need a Suzy to take our hand and help us along for a while... Highly recommend to anyone who needs her."

Clients name : Maragret Maughan

"Amazing friendly service. Suzy helped my son so much i can't thank her enough. I would highly recommend to anyone needing family related support and advice."

Clients name : Confidential

"Suzy has only seen my daughter on 4 occasions, but I cannot begin to tell Suzy how much I appreciate everything she has done so far, my daughter has grown in confidence, self esteem and tackled some big phobias. You go over and beyond to help us. I'm looking forward to watching my daughter grow more and more in self esteem. 


I would recommend Suzy highly to anyone. 

Thanks so much for everything

Thank you so much"


Clients name : Confidential

"I cant recommend Suzy enough, she made such a difference  to my daughter and I could see my daughters self esteem and confidence grow at every visit. Suzy also left us little activities to do together as a family which meant i felt like i was helping my daughter too. Suzy helped us get another appointment with Chad house and i have no doubt that without the support and fantastic help we received of Suzy there is no way we would have gotten as far as we have today. I will always be in debt to Suzy for the help and support not only for my daughter for me as well, always at the end of a message. Thank you from the bottom of my heart you have helped us all as a family and I will never forget that."


Clients name : Cherie Sutherland

"When my 9 year old son was diagnosed with separation anxiety and low mood, I felt like a rabbit in head lights and didn’t know what to do or where to turn. So many questions including a 9 year old shouldn’t feel like this? What have I done wrong? How can I make him better? I really struggled with how did I not know? I’d heard of Suzys company through a friend and contacted her. I felt immediate relief as she was able to talk calmly and confidently about something she clearly knows and understands well. We booked my son in for counselling 1 to 1 sessions but Suzy also offered a life line of support to me to be able to help him and understand the things he says and introduce new methods or tips to help at home, links to support articles and other services in the area. At 9 years old they don’t have the vocabulary to communicate their feelings, Suzy worked with him to help him to learn.  One of the areas which stands out for me is how well Suzy worked with our school and our doctors very quickly to ensure our son was getting the right support from all angles. Making us aware of support services we did not know existed. Knowing that you weren’t alone and having someone hold your hand through this experience is invaluable. We are still a way off being well but without Suzys help I fear this would have been a much more difficult start to a longer journey."


Clients name : Confidential

"Suzy is a very experienced practitioner who I have had the pleasure of working with for 5 years. She works in a person centred holistic way with children and adults. If my grandchildren needed support I wouldn't hesitate to suggest Suzy."

Clients name : Janet Jackson

"Suzy has a wonderful rapport with our Mums' Crafty Health Group. She has a lovely manner and is a good listener as well as being great at doing crafts!."

Clients name : No28 Charity

"I was relieved when Suzy walked into our house and she was so warm, proffesional and caring. I was worried I would be judged but Suzy showed full support in a way that made feel safe and gave me the strength as a parent to keep going and exploring new ways of approaching the problems we faced. I can't thank suzy enough for her vast amount of help and I can say that my children are so much happier and now we can move forward to the new chapter with confidence. "

Clients name : Confidential

"Suzy is an incredibly intuitive and compassionate person. She is highly trained, and has many years of experience in this line of work - but it is her natural empathy and caring personality that make her exceptional. Suzy has been a huge support to myself and my children through some desperately difficult times, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone needing help."

Clients name : Confidential 

"Suzy is a very experienced and dedicated counsellor who has been invaluable in supporting me through the life shattering loss of my daughter. She is very professional in her work and is able to offer a deep understanding and incredible empathy to support you through life challenges. I am very grateful for the amazing level of care she has given me, which has helped me rebuild my life and a positive outlook on life."

Clients name : Confidential

Suzy is a compassionate and professional practitioner with considerable experience of supporting children and families through periods of stress and loss, such as bereavement. She relates very well to children of all ages who find her easy to talk to, supportive and understanding and is totally committed to the well-being of each child/family with whom she works. She has helped many people to rebuild their lives when they thought this would never be possible

Clients name : Confidential 

"Suzy has been working with my special needs daughter (Fragile X and Autism) to increase her self confidence and give her the tools she needs to deal with and express emotions she doesn't understand. She loves her sessions with Suzy and always looks forward to seeing her. Suzy puts a lot of work into planning their sessions and uses a variety of materials and methods, she also feeds back to school to help with ideas to continue the support she gives. I really recommend using Suzy, she has a lovely rapport with kids and seems to be able to bring things out of them and help them deal with issues that they maybe hide from immediate family.."

Clients name : Becky Shaw

"My husband was diagnosed with anxiety and depression following an accident in 2016. The doctor referred him to the NHS service Talking Therapies which offered over the phone counselling. Whilst we waited for the first appointment, we found Suzys’ company advertised on the internet. I contacted her and she met with my husband within days to begin working with him so he wasnt left with no support. Suzy helped my husband understand his illness and helped him on his jorney to recovery. After the first session my husband said he finally felt someone understood him and was comfortable talking with. After the first session, Suzy gave us some advice and provided a number of support leaflets/links to help him and we booked in for more sessions. The Talking Therapy service ran alongside Suzy but it must be said that having that face to face contact was invaluable to us and we would like to thank Suzy so much for helping us start on a road to recovery"

Clients name : Confidential

"Suzy Le Carpentier as an experienced counsellor. I tragically lost my 18 year old daughter in an accident. Having struggled with the grief from losing my father 4 years earlier, I knew that I wouldn’t get through this life shattering experience without good counselling support. Suzy came to visit me 4 days after the accident and immediately started to offer invaluable support and access to the resources that would help me. As the accident was very public and our family live in a close knit community, everyone around me seamed distraught and I needed someone to talk to who had not been affected by this tragedy. Suzy was able to reassure me that what I was feeling was ‘normal’ for someone who had experienced the trauma of losing a child. From day one she has been able to pass on many words of wisdom, which have been invaluable and I have drawn on them regularly to get me through, what have felt like impossible situations. Through the many sessions with Suzy, she has at all times remained very professional and yet always shown me and my family great respect, compassion and deep care. On many occasions I have been so grateful for Suzy offering care, well beyond what would normally be expected in her job. The high level of empathy she shows to all her clients enables Suzy to offer invaluable support. In so many other situations I have felt I have to justify my grief, so having someone who respects and supports where I am and who I am, has helped me so much on this painful journey. Suzy is so intuitive, which enables her to support you without exhausting explanations of your suffering. Throughout my sessions Suzy has always been 100% positive and never showed any signs of wanting to give up on me, despite my depths of despair. This shows the dedication Suzy has to supporting all her clients, until they are able to support themselves. I will forever remain indebted to Suzy for the way she supported me through my life shattering loss. With all honesty I can say, I think I wouldn’t have battled on to the better place I am now without her invaluable, professional and wonderful support.."

Clients name : Barbara Duggan

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