Are You In Crisis?


A mental health crisis is when someone has a sudden, rapid deterioration in their mental health (for example, a panic attack, hallucinations, or uncontrollable anxiety), or when they are in immediate danger of harming themselves or harming others.

A person in a mental health crisis needs a rapid response and urgent care. My counselling services are not suitable for use in a mental health crisis. However, here you will find information on what to do if you are in a mental health crisis.


Those with a pre-existing mental health condition may already have a crisis care plan fo you or your child.

If you do have one, have a look to find the details of the people who are listed to support you during a crisis, and contact them. Have a read through the section on what will help you when you are in a crisis.


If you are thinking about killing yourself

If you are in immediate danger please:

  • Call 999 or
  • Go to your nearest A&E department

If you are not in immediate danger but are frightened by suicidal thoughts, you can:


If you are thinking about harming yourself

Sometimes you may feel the urge to harm yourself in order to deal with extreme feelings that you may be having. If you are thinking about harming yourself you can:

  • Talk to your GP or someone you trust
  • Contact the Samaritans on 116 123 or by email
  • You can also find some tips on how to deal with self harm urges here

If you have harmed yourself

If you have injured yourself and it is an emergency, you should:

  • Call 999 or
  • Visit your nearest A&E department

If it is not an emergency you can:

  • Call the NHS on 111 for advice on how to take care of your injuries
  • Ensure that you keep any injuries clean and use clean dressings

If you are thinking about harming others

Sometimes you may experience unsettling or frightening thoughts about harming other people. Remember that, although these thoughts are scary, you don’t have to act upon them. If you have has thoughts like these before, you can think about what helped you last time that stopped you from acting upon them. You can also:

  • Contact your local Crisis Resolution Home Treatment (CRHT) team
  • Call Samaritans' 24-hour free helpline on 116 123

If you feel that there is a serious, immediate risk that you will cause harm to another person, you can:

  • Call 999 or
  • Visit your nearest A&E department

If you are having confusing, disordered or unusual thoughts or actions, or if you are really unhappy about something


Sometimes you may feel overwhelmed by your emotions and find them difficult to handle. If you feel that you are unable to make sense of the thoughts you are having, or if people around you are concerned about your behaviour or the thoughts you are having, you can talk to somebody that you trust. However you can also:

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