What Support do I offer? 


Bereavement and Loss

- Bullying (work and school )

- Confidence building

- Divorce and seperation

- Domestic Abuse support

- Emotional Literacy support (recognising    and managing feelings)

- Friendship issues

- Low mood

- Low self esteem

- Mediation (Family Therapy)

- School related stress

- Sleep difficulties

- Self harm

- Separation anxiety

- Sexual health

- Social anxiety

- Stress

- Substance misuse

- Transition and life changes

- Trauma

- Parent/Carer Support -Support with being a parent during difficult times

- Advocacy service for parents.

- Mediation

Where do the Sessions take place?

Counselling takes place in my private therapy room based in Hexham. 

What happens next?

If you would like to book in an initial consultation appointment this can be booked by filling in a short referral form online which can be found on my contact page.
Once this is received I will
confirm with you a start date or inform you of  waiting list timescale. Once you have an agreed start date you can go ahead and book your first appointment on the online booking system which I will send an invite to you . I will contact you to let you know where to come prior to the session.
If the appointment is for a child under 16 the first appointment will always be with the parent or carer on their own first to gather more information . Once the parent session is complete and we agree on a plan, the therapy with the child can begin.
I will explain how I work and together we can decide if I am the most appropriate person to offer the support you need. This is important to ensure the best way forward for yourself .

Confidentiality and ethics

I always aim to promote safe and professional support. 
I will not share the content of our sessions with a third party. Exceptions to this would be: a) disclosure of abuse of a child or vulnerable adult that is currently at risk, b) serious risk or danger to yourself or someone else or c) a legal obligation on my part to disclose (eg. Terrorism Act 2000). Where appropriate I will always aim to discuss with you reasons for breaking confidentiality. These may be govenered by guidelines in realtion to counselling support. 
As any good professional practitioner in this  line of work its important to have regular supervision. This is to support myself in my work with you and ensure I work with your best interest in mind. My supervisor is also bound by confidentiality.

Record Keeping

Client records are kept in the property of the therapist and are kept locked in Room or password protected if in electronic format. A copy of these notes can be requested in writing at any time. After six years client records are destroyed confidentially. 


  • Mobile: 07852976272
  • Email: suzy@hexhamcounselling.co.uk
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