I can offer a theraputic remote counselling service which can be done in the comfort of your own home, work or in the garden . This can be on Video call using the platform Zoom, live messenger using Zoom or Whatapp or telephone therapy

There is no guarantee that online counselling is 100% safe, but provided care and consideration is used, the risk that a third party can hack in to the communication is minimal.

COVID -19 -Online Support Sessions What are the benefits?

  • You can access online counselling from the comfort of your own home which can be very benifical espically during the covid virus 
  • It is especially beneficial if you can't leave your home easily, or can't find a local counsellor to work with.
  • Online counselling is cheaper than face-to-face counselling as there are less costs involved.
  • No travel is required.
  • Online counselling can be accessed from anywhere, even if you are not at home.
  • There is no need for scheduling the support offered to you via email.
  • It is private and confidential and might feel less intense, intrusive or stressful than face to face counselling.
  • It is still accessible if you are a parent and find it difficult to get childcare.
  • It might be more successful for those feeling at ease with the written word.
  • You may find the process of writing down the things that are on your mind very helpful in itself, and the act of sharing can provide some relief.
  • You may find that writing in comfortable and familiar surroundings reduces your inhibitions, allowing you to be more open than you might be face-to-face.

Online Security

I ask that clients ensure they secure their computer and emails against unauthorised viewing by third parties. This may include adopting the use of password protection for all personal email accounts and documents etc. I also recommend that a client does not engage in online counselling using a public computer, or use a computer in a public place, where the content of exchanges could be viewed by others in the close proximity.


About the way I work online

I will provide, to the best of my ability, online counselling opportunities that endeavor to create a supportive, non-judgmental response in which you will be given time and space to reflect.

This process can foster growth and lead to positive changes. 

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