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Payment will be taken from the online booking system via debit/credit card. This is easy, quick and happens automatically on the day of your appointment using my online booking system.
Cancellation fees apply


•Supporting letter for DLA application
•School transfer request
•Court Report 
•Admin to refer child into CYPS (NHS) or other service

£50 - per report or letter 



Talk and Walk therapy

1 Hour £50

2 Hours £90



Instead of sitting in front of me in a traditional therapy room especially during lockdown the counselling session takes place outdoors walking side by side. We would meet at Hexham Community Centre and walk where you would like to go , if that’s down by the river, in the park , tyne green or further


It is counselling in motion, and although it is not a fitness session, it is often more dynamic than a traditional indoor session. If you have felt stuck in therapy in the past, being physically active helps release some tensions and stimulates new thoughts and ideas. It is a metaphor for moving forward.


During a walk and talk therapy session, you lead the pace just like in a traditional counselling session. Yet the dynamic is fairly different. You and Myself are on the same footing, literally. Walking side by side can be much less intimidating and helps release inhibition. It can be taken as an introduction to counselling, followed up by a more formal type of therapy if you’re apprehensive about being alone in a room with a therapist looking directly at you.


Also, people sitting in an office all day and for whom the idea of sitting yet again for a counselling session can prevent from seeking counselling, walk and talk therapy might be an option they would like to consider.


Even if you’re confident talking face to face to a counsellor, you might become apprehensive when confronting particularly tricky issues for you. The combination of walking and fresh air allows for easier engagement and process, and you can feel more grounded as you’re moving forward while walking.


How about the weather?


Usually, the first session takes place at my practice therapy room where you agree on what you will do if the weather is bad. I am

not deterred by a few drops of rain, but it is your call and we can conduct the session indoors.


During your first session you also discuss issues of confidentiality and how you will negotiate encountering other people when out walking. Whether it’s in a park or in town, seeing people walking and talking side by side is a very common sight. A client and therapist walking side by side don’t look any different.


For some people, walking outside might itself confront issues they would like to address such as a fear of open spaces or a fear of feeling judged for their appearance. Having a therapist on your side might ease a return to engaging in social situations. The focus of walk and talk therapy is not on how fast or far you can walk but on you, your process and what you are comfortable with.


Walk and talk therapy is also particularly helpful for people feeling they are trapped in a life or roles that don’t fit them anymore.


Being outdoors and talking about their issues enhances the renewal of a sense of freedom. Walking helps increase the blood flow to the brain, and new ideas to tackle our issues are more likely to come up.

Video Counselling

1 Hour £50

  • If you have stable Wi-Fi you can access online counselling from the comfort of your own home  which can be very benifical espically during the covid virus 
  • It is especially beneficial if you can't leave your home easily, or can't find a local counsellor to work with.
  • Online counselling is cheaper than face-to-face counselling as there are less costs involved.
  • No travel is required.
  • Online counselling can be accessed from anywhere, even if you are not at home.
  • There is no need for scheduling the support offered to you via email.
  • It is private and confidential and might feel less intense, intrusive or stressful than face to face counselling.
  • It is still accessible if you are a parent and find it difficult to get childcare.
  • It might be more successful for those feeling at ease with the written word.
  • You may find the process of writing down the things that are on your mind very helpful in itself, and the act of sharing can provide some relief.
  • You may find that writing in comfortable and familiar surroundings reduces your inhibitions, allowing you to be more open than you might be face-to-face.
  • not suitable for a child under 12 unless they have a adult present



Live online Messager

1 Hour £50

Live messanger counselling or

What-App has proved popular with young people 





Face to Face Counselling 

1 hour £50 One to One

1 Hour £70 Family Therapy


Counselling takes place in my private therapy room based in Hexham Community Centre- by appointment only. 






Telephone Counselling 

1 hour £50


Using a mobile phone, home phone or zoom

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